From the full heart. Back into your power.


From The Full Heart represents

the conflation

of ancient healingmethods,

with modern scientific insights and female intuition.


Everything is already here. Some things are just not visible yet.

Everything we need to live a fullfilling and joyful life is engrained in each and every one of us.

My talent is to make the unvisible visible for you:

By allowing your body to show blockages and release them. With bodywork.

By revealing greater connections and making solutions accessable. With intuitive coaching.

By enabling you space to experience your own and nature’s skills. With womenworkshops.

Thus, whatever challenges you becomes tangible and therefore changeable.

Whereas whatever nurtures you becomes vigorated.


Whichever of my „tools“ speaks to you:

Each of them offers you the opportunity to create yourself an easier, more selfempowered and loving life:  

By feeling yourself and your needs better.

By becoming aware of your innate strength: as a soul. as a man. as a woman.

By trusting again: in your inner instance, that knows all the answers on your questions: your own intuition.


Bring the most content version of yourself to light.

I accompany you.


Holistically. Sustainably. Joyfully. Yeah.



The power of realization


I am blessed with a highly developed intuition/connection to the higher realms.

My intuition helps me to gain insights into higher connections and deeper truths about our own behaviors & challenges we all face in the lives we are living. It provides me with great guidance. 


In my IntuitiveCoaching I give clairvoyant readings - worldwide - on the topics that you are presently experiencing:

I "read" the essence/truth of issues that currently make you feel stuck and what your soul wants you to know on your path.

It helps you discover the sources of suffering, blockages:

Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Therefore it offers you solutions to heal & direct your life more joyously.

It enables you to reconnect with your very own guidance within: YOUR intuition.




IntuitiveCoaching aids with

. any sort of relationship-issues with your family, friendships, ancestor line, (soul)partnerships or working environment.

. re-orientation such as during / after a break up, burn out.

self-awareness by removing blocking mindsets and unlocking your potential. 

. physical symptoms such as intolerances & health conditions, hormonimbalances, "womens diseases", "mens diseases".

. challenging behavior / health conditions of babys, children AND animals.

. self-realization such as identifying your heart's desires & life purpose.

. unexplainable discomfort felt in your home.


 Your gain

. clarity & understanding

  you gain clarity and compassion for yourself, your

  relationships & your current situation. 

. self-confidence

  having a higher view on your challenges and strengths raises

  your self-confidence & trains your best coach: your intuition.

. orientation 

  feeling whats really important to you gives you orientation

  and focus.

. solutions

  together we find solutions that feel "so right" -

  truly matching YOU and your day to day life.

. ease 

  to know whats going "wrong", where it comes from and what

  is needed, gives you ease at heart.

. empowerment

  feeling whats needed now, realizing what you truly want AND

  having the tools to get there empowers you.

  for more contentment and self-determination in your life     

  following your heart's desires.


Your investment

60 min. 100€ // 90 min. 120€ 

(via bank transfer beforehand / offer valid until 03/31/2019)


Good to know

.You can experience your session WORLDWIDE: Via Skype or FaceTime.

.You have questions and want to get to know me before we work together? 

 Sure. Book your 15 minutes for free VIDEO appointment here


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Please notice: Awarenesstraining does not replace a medical diagnose or psychological treatment. 



The art of healing touch


Our first language as newborns is the one of touch.

As grown ups we forgot how to talk this vital language and mostly have lost contact to ourselves & our own bodies:


Too much in our heads, too little present in our bodies we feel like cut of or nothing at all. Besides that our bodies manifest over time our undealt unconscious experiences in form of physical discomfort or limitation.


My bodywork combines intuition with ancient massage techniques and modern scientific approaches.

Feeling savely taken care of by my gentle touch your body, mind and soul are enabled to release tensions.




Choose between these 3 types of holistic bodywork

1 // Sacred thai massage

In cosy clothing placed on a thick warmed mat your body finds itself gently stretched while your fascia and energy lines get tonified.

To give you what you holistically need that moment of your life I combine intuitively the fluent techniques of thai yoga massage,

the ancient & sacred body treatment, with slow and static moves from craniosacral biodynamics and osteopathy.
This therapeutical yet holistic approach enables the release of chronical muscular tensions as well as energetic imbalances

This work is done on a comfortable mat on the floor. fully dressed.


2 // Abdominal thai massage

for all different sorts of abdominal challenges with respiration, stress & digestion. f.e. constipation, chronic deseases, PMS, infertility.

This work is done on a table. fully dressed (except belly: with oil)


3 // Craniosacral biodynamics

for a noninvasive yet effective way to restore the bodys natural ability to rebalance its diverse pulses and heal itself after f.e. trauma.

This work is done on a table. fully dressed. without oil.


Good to know

.It's more than just working "the body"

My gentle, loving touch takes care of your emotional body as

well, which stores our past experiences, pains and emotions.

Your body as a mirror of your soul shows us, what lays behind tension & discomfort - and whats ready to be released. Smoothly.


.Bodywork brings ease. And clarity

Mentally you experience a state of deep relaxation and meditation, which takes you back to the place of true peace and healing:

your own essence. In this state you are enabled to experience solutions for your current day to day challenges.



Slowly coming back at the end of your treatment you feel connected, cleansed & nourished inside.

Your body, mind & soul are swinging again:

intuned & in your unique rhythm.




Your investment

90 min. 120€ (offer valid till 03/31/2019)


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