About trust & truth or why we need light AND shadows to evolve.


We all heard them before, these quotes that always „did something“ to us. 

Over time, life offers us experiences to fill them even more: by adding a personal reference to it.

Yesterday - after many intense, heartfelt talks - these two got enriched:


„What we long for is already there. Its just not visible yet.“

„We reap what we sow.“


To me and for now the first one is about TRUST: 

Trusting our own intuition and guidance: that innate, inner compass that always knows.

The second one is about TRUTH: 

Living and expressing our inner truth as the basis for an authentic life. Preparing the ground to receive the truth of our fellow men as well.


A beautiful tool for establishing TRUST and TRUTH in this earthling’s life is how we relate with others:

Relationships - especially those filled with huge affection towards the „other“ - give us the greatest opportunities to grow and face both: 

our light AND our shadows. 

In interacting the other reflects not only on the parts that shine in us BUT also on these hidden parts that still darken our OWN light:

As humans we aim for lightness, for joy, for light. WE ALL LOVE TO SHINE, show or best sides and go for gold. Fitting in, being lovely and easy to be with. 

But on a planet like ours - in a world of polarities - the opposite to that light in us is inevitable:


A shadow in us might be something we’re avoiding, a behaviour we’re not proud of or a situation we are frightened to face.

Yes, it’s these parts of us that show the flaws, oldfashioned patterns, karmic strings and fears .. that extra little bit of human touch :)

To grow and move into a life of less drama & suffering by uniting these opposites within us, it’s indispensable to embrace our shadows the same as we do with our lightparts.

Doesn’t sound like the biggest fun to you? 

Yes, I agree. It takes courage. 



Like acknowledging a child’s fear just waking up from a terrifying nightmare, thats often all that’s needed to lessen the frightening grip of a haunting shadow: 

instead of denying our fear of a possible monster under the bed, we’re there, fully present, looking at it.

We then take a deep breath and decide bravely to take the shadows back in as ours by simply accepting them as being there and of the same importance as the lightparts of us.

Embracing our shadowsparts becomes then like a booster on our way to overcome dramabased interactions and an egodriven life: we experience union within us. 

Doing so the karmic screenplay can be rewritten and from here its on us to decide who we offer the leading role in our daily interactions: light or dark.


What I mean?

Well, ever had a lump in your throat having something heavy on your heart? 

Feeling a soul’s urge rising not knowing exactly how to bring it to life or an important talk ahead of you?

Feeling dizzy, shaky knees with a dry mouth, heart beating like a drum just thinking of it?


Great! Really great. You felt it already.


THESE are exactly the human moments that offer us space to play, to empower us truely:

-It’s when we take the next round to overcome the famous fears: of being rejected, of not being good / beautiful enough, of being left by the ones we love so deeply, of hitting rock bottom and loose it „all“ - by doing it different this time.

-It’s every time we leave our comfortzone, facing our deepest feelings or insecurities, all the seemingly odd things we sense - without knowing what to expect.

-It’s when we overcome the doubts in our heads and finally trust our intuition, that - lets be honest - never ever let us down.

-It’s when we do something courageously & jump without knowing where it’ll take us. Just because it feels so right - inside.

-It’s every time when we’re sharing and expressing ourselves in a „new“ way: without accusations, without expectations on the reaction or outcome. 

Simply by being honest, open hearted, loving and sincere.

THAT to me is BRAVE.

This is trusting in life and being truthful. 

That’s being authentic: Embracing fully who we are as humans.

Sensations of our hearts cracking open, a feeling of excitement and being drunk on a flash of new courage rushing thru us may come along with that. 

Who needs a rollercoaster ride when we can have that for free:)?





„Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.“ Braveheart.

Where do you get in touch with YOUR own shadows: your fears and weak spots?

What helps you cope and overcome them?


I’m looking forward to your comment.

From a full heart,


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